When looking for a video production company in Wisconsin, a lot of businesses don’t think to look to the Green Bay market. In fact, many of our clients are surprised to find out that we’re located in Green Bay when they see our work. We’ve constantly gone up against production companies in larger markets and have been able to to offer our clients the same or superior experience. Here are a few advantages we have to our location.


  • We are a short drive to anywhere in Wisconsin or the Midwest. We work across the state and around the country. Being centralized gives us the advantage of proximity to any location.
  • Since there aren’t rental houses nearby, we own all our camera equipment. We have chosen to invest in the absolute best tools for the job which match or exceed equipment you would find in larger markets.
  • We have a very low overhead and we pass that cost savings onto our customers. In fact, our bids typically come in anywhere from 20%-40% lower than production companies in larger markets while still delivering the same or better quality of work.
  • We are scalable to meet your unique needs. From the 2 man jobs up to the 30 man crews, we’ve got the team, tools and experience to handle any size and any budget production.