Tony Reale

Tony Reale

Director of Media Production | Founder


Tony has been producing creative content his entire life. Starting off as a graphic designer, he eventually fell in love with the art of filmmaking and today he produces national television ads, compelling films and dynamic training for other video makers.

He has worked as the Video Director of Laugh Your Way America!, LLC where he lead product development for television, DVD, live seminars, print, and the web including the production of the TV series Love, Marriage & Stinking Thinking and The Mark Gungor Show. Tony created the website NextWaveDV.com with the vision to provide educational resources for filmmakers and for businesses wanting to utilize video marketing to grow their company. NextWaveDV has rapidly grown to over 100,000 subscribers on YouTube with millions of views each year.

Using his skills and experience, he founded Creative Edge Productions in 2009 to offer professional, quality productions to companies all around the country.

Ben Carlson

Ben Carlson

Director of Strategic Development


Ben is a talented photographer, filmmaker, and marketer with a passion for people and storytelling. He developed his photography skills while traveling the world and capturing the diverse stories of the people and cultures he encountered.

Ben believes that every client has a unique story to tell and enjoys finding unique ways to bring those stories to life. With a background in manufacturing and training, as well as technical knowledge and experience, Ben brings a wealth of expertise to his work.

As the former Director of Global Systems Development, Ben had the opportunity to implement cutting-edge AR and VR training technology for clients worldwide. This experience has given him unique insights into the challenges faced by clients and has solidified his drive to lead in the use of cutting-edge technology.

Sean Bowers

Sean Bowers

Director of Post Production


Sean started his video production career producing local weddings and creating summer camp highlight films. Before that he was always meddling in graphic design and he began donating his talents in design and video to gain experience. His love of animation started when he discovered Flash while designing websites and banner ads.

That love became the drive to learn more about editing and animation, which led to giving back to the community by creating educational content along with Tony on NextWaveDV.com. In 2011 he was hired to take video production to the next level at Midwest Communications. He increased the production value and increased views to the WIXX and WNCY video pages exponentially while also developing new ad inventory for their streaming services and producing ads for clients for streaming as well as television.

Now as the Director of Post Production, his imagination is the limit (or in reality, time and budget) to what he can create for clients. Whether a simple logo animation to creating a new world.

Quinn Capelle

Quinn Capelle

Post Production Specialist


Quinn has been involved in countless projects, shows, and production shoots under many responsibilities ranging from plentiful opportunities all within 4 years of experience.

Starting with freelance wedding videography at Amenson Studios, Quinn has worked with many others growing his skillset at WFRV Local 5 engaging in live shows such as Green Bay Nation, Locker Room, Local Five Live, Midwest Farm, and much more. Assisting in a wide range of projects, Quinn has learned a lot of different approaches in the industry that has helped him learn quickly in high-energetic environments such as with the Timber Rattlers during their baseball events, and LiveRaceMedia to broadcast Motorsport races in the state of Wisconsin.

Quinn knows that no single approach is the right one for every individual, and so he has gained a lot of insight and training in a range of styles from everyone at BRING Studios and Creative Edge Productions. Quinn applies everything he has learned to the current project and continues to expand his skills to help many clients in all manner of ways to outsource less and remain valuable.

Now as an enthusiastic and ambitious Post-Production Specialist, Quinn is very familiar with the mindset necessary for taking responsibility for and achieving high-quality projects.