One common mistake businesses make when wanting to produce a video is focusing too much on numbers, products or services. While those are all important, what can often be lost is the tangible, personal element that comes from human interaction.

This is why we always recommend to put people in your videos.

Human movement is the only motion that human observers can both produce and perceive.
Human motion is the most frequently occurring category of visual motion.
Human motion carries more emotional information than other motion stimuli.

Maggie Shiffrar, Department of Psychology, Rutgers University, Newark NJ

People love to look at other people for so many reasons. It is so important that no matter what we are shooting a video of, be it a factory tour, the end product or a how-to-use video, always show people interacting with the environment in some way. It always amazes us when we see an ad for a gift shop or a furniture store and the camera just does a wide pan of the store with no customers. The eye doesn’t focus on anything specific and no interest is captured.

If you want to draw more attention to the focus of your video, adding smiling customers, happy employees or engaged end users is a key element.