“Make us look cool!”

This was the request of John Schwochert, President of Proto-1 Manufacturing, just a few months ago during our first meeting with him. His company produces machines that form pipes for use in a variety of industries. Typically what would take minutes or hours of work, now took mere seconds. How do you tell the message of a company that produces something no one else in the world makes?

We decided to illustrate the technological advancement of Proto-1’s machines with an art direction inspired by Marvel films such as Iron Man. High tech computers, floating holograms and materials replicating out of thin air were used to engage the audience’s attention. While these were purely allegorical, it set the tone of Proto-1’s brand which we maintained for the remainder of the video.

This is what major companies do who are in full control of their brand identity. They use their marketing materials (print, radio, TV, web, etc.) to create an emotional reference in their audience. You end up feeling a certain way about them regardless as to whether or not you’ve directly engaged with their product or service.

So what is your brand telling your audience about your company? …and is it what you want them to feel? Contact us to see how video can bring your brand to a whole new level.