“How can video benefit my business?” This is a question we get from business professionals every day. They are interested in adopting the power of video for their company but are not sure how to best incorporate it. Let’s first start off with what makes videos ineffective, too much information. We see ads like this every time we turn on the TV. So many local ads try to cram in everything about their business and product into 30 seconds.. Viewers aren’t interest in a laundry list and either change the channel or avert their attention to something more interesting. That advertiser is wasting their money because the product is not performing.

How do you impact your audience? Emotionally driven advertising. Scientists have studied that if you can link an event to an emotion, it will burn into your mind and you will remember it. The best and most effective ads connect to humor, love, drama, fear, etc. Remember, in marketing, print is for information and video is for emotion.

Creating effective, emotionally-driven marketing takes an experienced team to help with branding and determining the best message for your target market. The simplest, cleanest and most refined messages are the easiest for your audience to remember. That’s why a jewelry ad that lists off half of the store’s stock, years of service, locations and the fact that they buy gold is not nearly as effective as an ad that shows a woman ecstatic to receive a piece of jewelry from her husband.

Once you have a great product, whether it’s a 30 second ad or a 4 minute corporate video, it will do you no good if it’s just sitting around collecting digital dust. Our next blog post will talk about multiple ways to use video for your business so you get the most out of your investment.