If you’ve been paying attention to latest advances in filmmaking technology, you’ll see Virtual Production has become incredibly popular. This is because of how it allows for real-time, in-camera visual effects while also solving many of the problems inherent with green screen shooting. However, the main downside to Virtual Production is the huge cost in renting a giant LED wall and the massive crew required to run it. Virtual Productions can easily cost $20K-$30K a day just for the use of the studio.

For the past several months we’ve been working hard to come up with a low-cost solution that can allow us to bring Virtual Production to the Wisconsin market while keeping it affordable for our clients. We’re proud to showcase our new AR (Augmented Reality) Wall. This will allow us to capture a wide variety of shots that would be impractical or impossible to shoot on-location. Stay tuned to see what content we will soon be producing with this exciting new technology.