Tony Reale

Director of Media Production


Tony has been producing creative content his whole life. Starting off as a graphic designer, he eventually fell in love with the art of filmmaking and today he produces national television ads, compelling films and dynamic training for other video makers.

He has worked as the Video Director of Laugh Your Way America!, LLC where he lead product development for television, DVD, live seminars, print, and the web including the production of the TV series Love, Marriage & Stinking Thinking and The Mark Gungor Show. Tony created the website NextWaveDV.com which reports the latest news and produces training resources for those in the field of video production.  This content receives over a quarter of a million views each month. Using his skills and experience, he founded Creative Edge Productions in 2009 to offer professional, quality productions to companies all around the country.

Tony lives in Green Bay, Wisconsin with his wife, Rebecca, and daughters, Hosanna and Selah.

Sean Bowers

Director of Post Production


Sean started his video production career in 2002 producing local weddings. While also meddling in graphic design, he began donating his talents in design and video to gain experience. Since that time he has progressed to designing and building websites for small business.  He also has honed his skill in creating motion graphics. Creating animations for Q90’s Camp Hope, Lifest and other organizations. His primary experience in video production is with live events, such as the aforementioned Q90 Camp Hope and Lifest.  Creating DVDs and daily recap videos on location during these week long events.  In 2009 he had competed in a radio station commercial idea contest, which he won.  With that confidence went on to produce a commercial for Dorito’s Crash The Superbowl contest. Sean and Tony had met in 2008 during the shoot of a short film.  They have worked together on many projects since that time.  Developing a great working relationship that complements each others skill and style.

Jimmy DeGroot

Creative Director / Producer


Jim’s passion is the message.  Whatever emotion you want to convey to your audience is what Jim latches onto.

For over ten years, Jim has operated an independent business with a focus on marketing. He studied at UW Oshkosh in the Journalism/Marketing department and then went on to study with Roy Williams (The Wizard of Ads) in Austin Texas.  Jim has the gift of writing to achieve the optimum response from the audience.  He’s been achieving great marketing objectives such as tripling his business volume.  This means that the story you tell utilizing Creative Edge Productions will be maximized to achieve the desired result. 

He’s also a people lover.  This means that your experience with Creative Edge will be enjoyable and not filled with technical video language.  He’ll be your point of contact throughout your video process and is also the one to produce and direct the scenes to achieve the highest quality.

Jim is also an accomplished musician and singer, adding to the creativity and flexibility of the team.  With this, Creative Edge has the ability to provide custom music if desired for your production.

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